The climate buffer effects of urban trees, and are some areas benefiting more than others?

Urban heating further increases extreme summer temperatures. The urban heat island effect is explored in the video Melbourne an ‘urban heat island’. In recognition of the climate buffer and other benefits of urban trees, the City of Melbourne is implementing an Urban Forest Strategy. The climate buffer benefits of urban trees are further discussed in 50 shades of green: cooling the suburbs, which explores the socio-economic factors behind why some suburbs have more trees and shade than others, and Won’t the real Shady City please stand up?, which explores which of the six big cities in eastern Australia has the most trees and if the situation is improving (with thanks to Ian Lunt’s Ecological Restoration Site). An example of ways in which community engagement in the urban treescape can be enhanced is the Madrid One tree pit, one tree online application, which enables residents to readily find out more about any street tree and request improvements or new trees (zoom in on the application map to click on individual trees and view their details).

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