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How do climate scientists feel about climate change?

Climate scientists write complex research papers, analysing climate change thoroughly and clinically. They understand the numbers, the facts and the figures. But they’re not robots – how do they feel about climate change?

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Fracking the future paper

In the paper Fracking the future, The Australia Institute look at both the economic claims and the health and environmental risks of coal seam gas (CSG) extraction, concluding that while the economic benefits are likely to be relatively small, a

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The natural secrets of urban well being

In the article The natural secrets of urban well being, ecologist Ian Lunt explores research around the relationship between exposure to the natural world and human well-being. Previous Urban Environment News articles on this topic can be found here.

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Why do we plant and remove urban trees?

Most urban trees are in private gardens, not public spaces, and gardening is a personal, individualistic pastime, not a collective enterprise. If the seeds of the urban forest are sown in a million home gardens, then we need to know

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The climate buffer effects of urban trees, and are some areas benefiting more than others?

Urban heating further increases extreme summer temperatures. The urban heat island effect is explored in the video Melbourne an ‘urban heat island’. In recognition of the climate buffer and other benefits of urban trees, the City of Melbourne is implementing an

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Philosophy Activism Nature (PAN) journal

Philosophy Activism Nature (PAN) is a journal publishing articles, short prose pieces and poetry exploring cultural aspects of environmental crisis and cultural perspectives on resistance and renewal (with thanks to the Sustainable @ Lockyer Valley blog).

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Continental-scale governance failure will hasten loss of Australia’s biodiversity

A newly published article in Conservation Biology, Continental-Scale Governance Failure Will Hasten Loss of Australia’s Biodiversity, expresses concern about the recent spate of substantial policy, legislative and management changes being made by three of six Australian state governments for exploitative

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What does urban nature-related graffiti tell us?

Graffiti, revered by some and loathed by others, provides insights into societal attitudes and perceptions. What can graffiti tell us about perceptions and views on nature in cities? This is explored in a photo essay from the city of Cape

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Placing global change on the Australian election agenda

Australia21 is a non-profit body that seeks to develop new insights into complex issues important to Australia’s future. The Australia21 Board has become increasingly concerned that a number of grave challenges are being ignored, bypassed or placed in the “too hard”

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