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Join the National Nature Conversation 2015

Places You Love

In 2015, the Places You Love Alliance will host the National Nature Conversation. All Australians are invited to register to be involved. The Places You Love Alliance is a coalition of 42 Australian environment groups that has been working to

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Chasing the Red Queen: The Evolutionary Race Between Agricultural Pests and Poisons

Chasing the Red Queen: The Evolutionary Race Between Agricultural Pests and Poisons

We have developed increasingly potent and sophisticated pesticides, but the proportion of crops lost to agricultural pests has not declined. Chasing the Red Queen illustrates that when selection pressure increases, species evolve in response, creating a vicious cycle of chemical

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The Australia We Love – a Comprehensive Survey of Australia’s Natural Systems

The Australia We Love

The Places You Love alliance has completed a landmark survey of Australia’s environment. More than any time in our history, humans are impacting the health and function of nature, with significant implications for the well-being and prosperity of Australian society.

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Nominations invited for Edible Streets program committees

The Edible Streets program is an initiative of Global Food Relief (GFR). It seeks to transform urban disused spaces using good looking functional container beds growing veggies and herbs. Nominations are now invited for the Edible Streets program Education and

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Global Food Relief (GFR) Wicking Bed Design Competition

Wicking beds are self watering garden beds and are critical to edible streets and suburbs. Landscape architects and urban designers are invited to design wicking beds that make use of recyclable waste materials and blend creative flair with clever functionality.

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Putting back meaning into “sustainable intensification”

Many recent high profile papers on food security argue something along these lines: First, food security is a growing concern, and a growing human population with changing diets will require larger amounts of food. Second, to meet the future demand

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GFR Edible Streets and Suburbs – Community Survey invitation

Global Food Relief invites your participation in a Community Survey to gauge community interest in the development of the Edible Streets and Suburbs program in Australia. Global Food Relief was established with the primary objective of providing relief to the

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C20 Summit Communique

The C20 (Civil Society) Summit in the lead-up to G20 addressed a range of issues including climate change and renewable energy investment, food and resource security, and infrastructure. You can read the final C20 Summit Communique.

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Sustainability labels on food products: Consumer motivation, understanding and use

The Sustainability labels on food products: Consumer motivation, understanding and use study investigates the relationship between consumer motivation, understanding and use of sustainability labels on food products (both environmental and ethical labels). The results imply that sustainability labels currently do

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RUAF Foundation – Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security

The RUAF Foundation is an international network of seven regional resource centres and one global resource centre on urban agriculture and food security. The RUAF website contains information on the RUAF From Seed to Table (FSTT) program, the activities in

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