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Join the National Nature Conversation 2015

Places You Love

In 2015, the Places You Love Alliance will host the National Nature Conversation. All Australians are invited to register to be involved. The Places You Love Alliance is a coalition of 42 Australian environment groups that has been working to

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Do stringent environmental policies hinder productivity growth?


Contrary to a widely held view, OECD analysis finds that while environmental policies have become increasingly stringent in the past two decades, tighter environmental policies have had little effect on productivity growth.

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Putting back meaning into “sustainable intensification”

Many recent high profile papers on food security argue something along these lines: First, food security is a growing concern, and a growing human population with changing diets will require larger amounts of food. Second, to meet the future demand

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Long-­term dynamics of household size and their environmental implications

The impacts of human population size on the environment and natural resource consumption have long concerned scientists. Population growth is slowing and even reversing in some places, but this has not translated into reduced human consumption of natural resources and

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The Isobenefit Cities approach can deliver a higher and more equal quality of life

Classical urban planning, which is clearly evident in Australian cities, uses a central business district (CBD) approach where urban amenities and ease of access to employment fall with the distance from the CBD. The research paper Simulating future societies in

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New research challenges Easter Island “ecocide” theory

The accepted view that the Rapa Nui, the ancient inhabitants of Easter Island, degraded their environment so much that they destroyed its ability to provide for them now appears to be wrong. New research discussed in the COSMOS article Collapse

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Enough Is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources

We’re overusing the earth’s finite resources, and yet excessive consumption is failing to improve our lives. The book Enough Is Enough lays out a visionary but realistic alternative to the perpetual pursuit of economic growth – an economy where the

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Peering Into the Future: How Cities Grow

Migration patterns into and out of cities are the result of millions of individual decisions, which in turn are affected by thousands of factors like economics, location, politics, security, aesthetics, sentiments and others. However, it is becoming more and more

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