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Surviving Earth (Australian documentary)

Surviving Earth

Surviving Earth is an independent Australian documentary featuring Prof. Tim Flannery, Prof. Ian Lowe, Dr. Ian Dunlop, Prof. Paul Ehrlich and Bindi Irwin among others on the topics of resource depletion, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and overpopulation.

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WWF Living Planet Report 2014

The WWF Living Planet Report is a leading, science-based analysis on the health of our planet and the impact of human activity. One key point from the 2014 report is that the Living Planet Index (LPI), which measures more than

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Global forecasts of urban expansion and impacts on biodiversity and carbon pools

The findings of new research (open access) indicate that, without significant policy changes, increased urban expansion will by 2030 result in considerable loss of habitats in key biodiversity hotspots and a loss of vegetation biomass.

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Putting back meaning into “sustainable intensification”

Many recent high profile papers on food security argue something along these lines: First, food security is a growing concern, and a growing human population with changing diets will require larger amounts of food. Second, to meet the future demand

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Long-­term dynamics of household size and their environmental implications

The impacts of human population size on the environment and natural resource consumption have long concerned scientists. Population growth is slowing and even reversing in some places, but this has not translated into reduced human consumption of natural resources and

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