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Shaping stories to save the world

Ian Lunt

How do we get our messages out? How do we stop preaching to the converted? In this video of his opening talk at the recent Biodiversity Across The Borders conference, Associate Professor Ian Lunt suggests ways to make our messages

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Storytelling for Sustainability: Deepening the Case for Change

Storytelling for Sustainability

For sustainability practitioners who want to be more strategic and have more influence in shaping a better world, storytelling is a crucial skill to master. This book shows which ways of storytelling lead to success and which lead to failure.

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The Uncertainty Handbook, A Practical Guide for Climate Change Communicators

The Uncertainty Handbook

Have you ever struggled with the communication of climate change uncertainties? Are you frustrated by climate sceptics using uncertainty – inherent in any area of complex science – as a justification for delaying policy responses? Then The Uncertainty Handbook is

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The science of climate change: Questions and answers

Australian Academy of Science

The publication The science of climate change: Questions and answers from the Australian Academy of Science aims to address confusion created by contradictory information in the public domain.

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Evaluation of NSW Who Cares about the Environment? research

Evaluation of Who Cares About the Environment (1994-2012)

Every three years since 1994, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) has conducted a survey to track trends in public environmental views, priorities, knowledge and actions. A 2014 independent evaluation assesses the impact and value of the research

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Don’t Even Think About It – Why Our Brains Are Wired To Ignore Climate Change

Don't Even Think About It - Why Our Brains Are Wired To Ignore Climate Change

Why, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, do we still ignore climate change? And what does it need for us to become fully convinced of what we already know? George Marshall proposes answers to these questions in his new book.

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Free online Climate Change Science and Negotiations course starts 16 October

The new online course Climate Change Science and Negotiations is offered free by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and launches on 16 October 2014 (with thanks to HOPE Australia).

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ALERT – Alliance of Leading Environmental Researchers and Thinkers

ALERT is a unique kind of scientific organisation – one that helps world-class researchers have a concerted, highly credible voice on key environmental issues. It also helps journalists to connect with top scientists who can comment on environmental stories. ALERT

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