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South Australia to investigate nuclear energy

Government of South Australia

The South Australian Government has announced the establishment of a Royal Commission to consider what role the State can and should play in the fuel cycle for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The Conversation has carried articles with opposing views

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2 Degrees (Australian documentary)

2 Degrees

If commitment to act on climate change won’t come from above, perhaps communities will bring the revolution that is needed. 2 Degrees takes to the streets of Port Augusta and follows the passionate efforts to replace the coal fired power

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Green Infrastructure Project at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

The Green Infrastructure Project at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide is working together with government, industry and community towards the achievement of the vision: “South Australians living in healthy, resilient and beautiful landscapes that sustain and connect people with plants

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CORENA – Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc.

CORENA is a not-for-profit funding mechanism set up by and for citizens who want to ‘do something’ about climate change. It enables the public to chip in to collectively fund practical renewable energy projects. CORENA gives interest-free loans to community organisations

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South Australian initiative aims to reconnect children with nature and healthy food

The aim of the Healthy and Strong Children policy initiative is for South Australia’s children to spend more time playing outdoors and learning how to grow and prepare fresh fruit and vegetables to build healthy habits for life. The initiative

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Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is one of the gems of metropolitan Adelaide. Located in the Port River and Barker Inlet, the sanctuary is just 20 minutes from the city centre and features a 10,000-year-old mangrove forest. A resident pod of

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