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Decongestion: The Book


Decongestion describes 7 steps for mayors and other city leaders to cut traffic congestion without the expense of new roads or annoyed residents. Author Rachel Smith has spent the last 15 years creating and implementing traffic congestion solutions in the

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Sustainable Mobility Project 2.0

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Mobility Project 2.0 aims to accelerate progress towards delivering universal access to safe and low-impact mobility for both goods and people. The project is developing a process and tools to be used with demonstrator-cities to support the development

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The Future of Transportation eBook

Future of Transportation

This free eBook includes a selection of twelve of the most popular and provocative stories from the CityLab nine-month series on the future of transportation. The stories are focused on the U.S. but relevant to transport discussions in many major

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Re-Programming Mobility: The Digital Transformation of Transportation in the US

Re-Programming Mobility

Digital technologies are beginning to have a major impact on the way people travel. How will transportation planning grapple with this rapid shift? The Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management has developed a set of four alternative future scenarios.

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Proceedings of Australian Network for Ecology & Transportation Conference

The conference handbook and selected presentations from the July 2014 Australian Network for Ecology & Transportation (ANET) Conference are now available.

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Global City Teams Challenge

Cyber-physical systems (CPS), sometimes referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), involves connecting smart devices and systems in diverse sectors such as transportation, energy, manufacturing, and healthcare in fundamentally new ways. Cities and communities around the world are increasingly

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Future of Urban Mobility 2.0 report

By 2050 urban mobility will be one of the biggest challenges of cities around the globe. The second version of the Future of Urban Mobility report includes an updated version of the Urban Mobility Index with an extended scope of

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Zero Carbon Australia High Speed Rail report

High speed rail linking Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane would reduce carbon emissions and provide a profitable and popular service, according to the Zero Carbon Australia High Speed Rail report. The report recommends an alignment broadly similar to the government’s recent

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Greenheart Project creating a solar-sail cargo ship

Greenheart Project is creating the world’s first completely open source small-scale, solar-sail cargo ship. Not the traditional, square-rigged tall ship of the nineteenth century, but a completely modern, efficient, cooperative trading vessel, powered by the sun and the wind alone.

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Invitation to make submissions – Code of Practice for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is inviting submissions on the draft Code of Practice for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material (2014) by 28 March 2014.

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