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It’s raining water tanks: top tips for keeping them healthy and efficient


A quarter of Australian homes have installed a rainwater tank, but CSIRO has found that households may not be aware of some of the maintenance requirements that come with rainwater tank ownership. In response, CSIRO has put together top 5

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Let’s make Parramatta River swimmable again

Let's make Parramatta River swimmable again

The upper and mid reaches of Sydney’s iconic Parramatta River, which feeds Sydney Harbour, have become too polluted for swimming and other activities to continue. A new initiative aims to make the whole river swimmable again by 2025.

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Study addressing cumulative impacts in Sydney water catchment, including from mining and CSG extraction

The NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer has released a report addressing cumulative impacts of activities in the Sydney water catchment, such as long wall mining and coal seam gas extraction, finding no evidence to suggest current activities in the catchment

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